Faculty Notification Letters via email

By now, many faculty and students have noticed a change in the way DRC Faculty Notification Letters are being delivered – via email!  The new process means instant delivery of the notification to the professor, as soon as the student clicks submit. Once faculty receive the notification, all they need to do is click the button that says Click here to acknowledge receipt of this email:

Button that says "Click here to acknowledge receipt of this em ail

The new system provides notifications that are instant and searchable in faculty’s email inbox, and the student is also sent a copy for their records.  In addition, each accommodation is a hyperlink to more information on the DRC site!  And best of all, there’s no paper to keep up with any more.

Students can request Faculty Notification Letters up to two weeks before the beginning of any semester.  As always, students are encouraged by the DRC to request the notifications early in the term, but they may still request them late in the semester.  Faculty are not expected to provide retroactive accommodations, and students are aware that accommodations begin when the professor is notified.  Please call the DRC with any questions.

This is a new system for everyone involved, so we’d appreciate your feedback so we can make continual improvements.  We hope everyone finds this new method of delivery of notifications to be helpful and efficient.

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