UALR Private Scholarships

UALR Students:
If you haven’t applied for one of the hundreds of private scholarships at UALR, please take the time to check them out. These scholarships are available to current UALR undergraduates and graduates, incoming transfer students, and first-time freshmen. They are called Private Scholarships because they are created with private funds from very generous UALR donors. The deadline to apply is March 1.

UALR’s Financial Aid Office is here to help you find the right scholarship for you and guide you through the application process. If you are currently enrolled at UALR, you can take the first step to apply for private scholarships by completing the general private scholarship application. Don’t forget to also check out scholarships offered by the UALR Alumni Association and by each academic college.

For more information about private scholarships at UALR, call (501) 569-3035 or email

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