Summer internships for students with disabilities in computing careers

AccessComputing, a National Science Foundation funded project, aims to increase the participation of people with disabilities in computing careers. Once again, AccessComputing has funding for students with disabilities to participate in summer internships. Students participate in both research internships as well as non-research internships.  As we all know, internship experience is important as students move on to the next steps of their careers.

Students with disabilities who are interested in summer internships are encouraged to fill out the form.  Through applying for an internship, students will have the opportunity become AccessComputing student team members.  Student team members engage in online mentoring and are eligible to request funding for internships, travel to conferences, and tutoring.

Faculty who are interested in hosting an AccessComputing student with a disability as a research intern, are encouraged to contact AccessComputing PI Richard Ladner directly at

Learn more about AccessComputing by checking out our latest Opportunities! newsletter that helps students with disabilities learn about careers in computing, locate resources, and learn about opportunities for students with disabilities.

For more information or help with the application, contact Brianna Blaser at


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