Math and second language waivers

Some students experience extreme difficulty with math or second language courses. Such struggles could be related to an underlying learning disability, about which the student may or may not be aware. Some students have successfully made it through their entire degree plan, with the exception of these courses, and have given up on ever getting their college degree.

The DRC encourages faculty and advisers to contact our office if you encounter such a situation with a student. Tell the student to come visit with us, whether or not there is a diagnosed disability. We work collaboratively with students to make a determination on the eligibility for a course waiver. We cover information such as which majors require math, and which ones can accept a waiver. With the Affordable Care Act, all students with insurance should be able to get any needed evaluations on their insurance.

Together we may be able to remove what seemed like insurmountable barriers for students who may have language or math related learning disabilities, and get them to graduation!

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