Stacy Willis Scholarship Awarded for 2016-17

The Stacy Willis Memorial Scholarship Committee has selected Ms. Connie Jones as the recipient for 2016-17. This competitive scholarship is awarded every year to a student of distinction with a disability at UALR. Congratulations to Ms. Jones!

Here’s a little bit about Connie:

I’m a 27 years old mother to 2 ½ year old boy. I had a hearing loss since birth, but I never let my hearing limited me to become anything. I was a former Miss Deaf Arkansas in 2009 as well as Miss Honoree for Miss Teen Promise in 2014. I am an alumni of the Arkansas School for the Deaf, where I called my second home. I always attended basketball games and provide a helping hand whenever they needed some help. I enjoyed being a teacher to a daycare, where I am willing to give them the attention they need, and teach them sign language. I work at the Library at UALR, I enjoy seeing new faces, and greeting them when they come through the door. I had always wanted to be a teacher, but my negative surroundings think I shouldn’t, because of my hearing. I received a lot of positive support from my family and my former teachers. They always tell me to reach for my goal and show them. I did! I graduated with a degree in Early Childhood Development at Pulaski Tech, and now am enrolled at UALR to accomplish my goal with an Associate in teaching. I want to thank the Stacy Willis Scholarship for accepting me as their recipient. I am bless with this offer and am willing to show you and all others what we can do. We shouldn’t let our disability stop us from being successful in life.

Connie Jones

This scholarship honors Stacy Willis, a dedicated student at UALR who graduated with honors, then moved to Florida State University where she obtained her Master’s Degree in Rehabilitation Counseling.  UALR saw her potential and hired her to work  in Student Support Services.  Counseling, supporting and working with students with disabilities to achieve their educational goals was her highest calling. This scholarship honors her to follow through with that calling.

Applications for 2017-18 will be posted in February, 2017.

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