JAWS and Magic Download Instructions

  1. Download Jaws 15 and Magic 13 from the Freedom Scientific website https://www.freedomscientific.com/downloads/
  2. Go to System Properties, click on the Advanced tab, and click Environment Variables
  3. Create a new system variable with the following data: Variable name: LSHOST , Variable value: drc.host.ualr.edu
  4. Run the downloaded Jaws or Magic installer using the default options with one exception. There is an option to have Jaws and Magic start automatically with Windows, it is best to turn this off since there are a limited number of licenses that can be in use at once. The installer will need to restart the computer at some point, and pick back up upon reboot. All the options in the Setup Wizard can be changed by the student so they can be left as is.
  5. After Jaws or Magic has successfully installed go to Help in the menu bar and click About Jaws/Magic. Make sure that it does not say “40 minute demo mode,” and recheck your Environmental Variables if it does. If it says instead that it is authorizing using Network ILM key then everything is complete.