Overview of the process

Disability is an aspect of diversity that is integral to our society and to the UALR campus community.

The Disability Resource Center collaborates with students, faculty, and staff to create usable, equitable, inclusive, and sustainable learning environments. However, there may be times when there are aspects of the instruction or design of your courses that result in barriers to your inclusion or to accurate assessment of achievement. When that is the case, the DRC staff will work with you to arrange for accommodations.

We encourage students to contact us to engage in a discussion to identify and remove barriers in their academic experience.

  1. Contact the Disability Resource Center to make an appointment with a member of the DRC staff to discuss the barriers you have experienced and/or anticipate.
  2. Work with the staff member to determine accommodations that will reduce or remove those barriers. The process for determining accommodations is a collaborative one that may or may not require third-party documentation.
  3. Complete the online request for faculty notification letters each semester and provide the letters to your professors.
  4. Collaborate with your professor to determine how the accommodations will be worked out.
  5. Complete any other requests each semester as discussed in the initial meeting (i.e. books in alternate format, submitting schedule for interpreters or Typewell services, etc.)
  6. Follow up with the DRC if there are any questions or concerns about the services.

A note about documentation:

These guidelines apply to students taking UALR classes. Please be aware that other universities and testing agencies (which administer standardized tests such as the GRE and LSAT) may require more extensive documentation, and you should check out their requirements well in advance.

Please read the Disability Resource Center Student Handbook for more detailed information.