Diversity Council Members and Committee Assignments

The Diversity Council is made up of a cross-section of staff,  faculty, and students at UA Little Rock who have backgrounds and/or expertise in various diversity issues.

Executive Committee

  • Sharon Ann Downs, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs – Wellness and Inclusion, sadowns@ualr.eduCHAIR
  • Bruce Smith, Interim Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs – Faculty Relations and Administration, bdsmith@ualr.edu  | ASSOCIATE CHAIR (ex officio)
  • Lauren Wilson, Higher Education program student, graduate assistant in the Multicultural Center,  ldwilson3@ualr.edu | SECRETARY



  • Carlos Albert, Desktop Support, Information Technology Services, cdalbert@ualr.edu
  • Mya Sandi Aung, Senior Program Manager, Children International, msaung@ualr.edu
  • Vernard Henley, Assistant Dean, College of Engineering and Information Technology, vwhenley@ualr.edu
  • Darius Maize, Athletics, damaize@ualr.edu
  • Geoff Nash, Coordinator – Support Division, Scholarly Technology and Resources, gnnash@ualr.edu
  • Derrick Newby, Jr., Admissions, dxnewby@ualr.edu
  • Mia Phillips, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs | Education Committee Chair, mdphillips@ualr.edu
  • Donna Shelton, Academic Editor, Office of the Provost, dlshelton@ualr.edu
  • Hyginus Ukadike, Counselor, Counseling Services, hiukadike@ualr.edu
  • Crenisha Wright, Research Assistant, Center for Applied Studies in Education, cmwright1@ualr.edu


  • Naeem Bajwa, Assistant Professor of Management, College of Business, anbajwa@ualr.edu
  • David Briscoe, Professor of Sociology, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, dlbriscoe@ualr.edu
  • andre cummings, Associate Professor, Bowen School of Law, acummings@ualr.edu
  • Brian Mitchell, Assistant Professor, Department of History, bkmitchell@ualr.edu
  • Sarah Porter, Director, Intensive English Language Program, saporter@ualr.edu
  • Soheil Saedi, Assistant Professor, Systems Engineering, ssaedi@ualr.edu
  • Daryl Tate, Program Coordinator, Learning Systems Technology, Department of Education, datate@ualr.edu
  • Tusty ten Bensel, Associate Professor, Department of Criminal Justice | Policy Committee Chair, ixzohra@ualr.edu

Committee assignments

  1. Mia Phillips, Chair
  2. Sandi Aung
  3. Naeem Bajwa
  4. Nora Bouzihay
  5. David Briscoe
  6. andre cummings
  7. Juliana Flinn
  8. Dent Gitchel
  9. Vernard Henley
  10. Hyginus Ukadike
  11. Lauren Wilson
  1. Sarah Porter, Chair
  2. Carlos Albert
  3. Dent Gitchel
  4. Vernard Henley
  5. Angela Hunter
  6. Donna Shelton
  7. Hyginus Ukadike
  8. Crenisha Wright
Marketing and Education
  1. Geoff Nash, Chair
  2. Donna Shelton
  1. Tusty ten Bensel, Chair
  2. Carlos Albert
  3. Dent Gitchel
  4. Brian Mitchell
  5. Geoff Nash
  6. Mia Phillips
  7. John Roberts
  8. Soheil Saedi
  9. Daryl Tate
  10. Crenisha Wright