Proposal for Diversity Council Lunch and Learn

Thanks for your interest! The Diversity Council Lunch and Learn events are an opportunity to address our campus community (students, staff, and faculty) on a particular topic related to diversity, and have time for interaction and questions from the participants.  Plan to speak for 30-40 minutes, and then it will be opened up for conversation and questions for the remainder of the hour.

These events are advertised to the campus community, and faculty are encouraged to share with students in their class and to offer credit for attending, when appropriate.

  • Presentation Information

  • Include what information the audience will learn from this presentation/discussion.
  • Logistics

  • The meeting room is equipped with a PC with speakers, a projector and screen. List any additional technology you need
    Sessions are generally scheduled for the first, Thursday, of the month.
    The UA Little Rock Diversity Council is committed to fully accessible presentations, so everyone can participate. We will gladly collaborate with you to ensure your presentations are accessible.