New Seminar Announced for Spring 2014: Economics of Sports and Law

Sports Law Icon - Scales of justice holding sporting equipmentThe UALR Department of Economics and Finance is making plans to offer students an interesting, new seminar for Spring 2014, ECON 4397: Economics of Sports and Law. This modular course will focus on a variety of topics including, but not limited to, the following:

Sports Economics

  • Estimating value of individual players
  • Distributional effects of amateurism in college
  • Market distortions of tax-exempt status of college
  • Factors affecting attendance
  • Explaining rivalries in college football
  • Effects of TV on revenue
  • Driving forces of conference realignment
  • Efficiency of betting markets
  • Measuring the economic impact of college athletics

Law and Economics

  •   Economic model of crime
  •   Broken Windows Hypothesis
  •   Police impact on crime
  •   Civil asset forfeiture
  •   Crime deterrence and the death penalty
  •   Economic impacts of increased use of technology
  •   Discrimination in the legal system

For more information on this course, please contact either Dr. Quintanar at or Dr. Ross at

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