University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences Web Development Contractor

The Division of Medical Humanities in the College of Medicine at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences is looking for a part-time independent contractor, paid on a per contract basis, to work on website development projects.
The contractor will help develop and monitor high visibility websites for non-profit, professional organizations. The website design should ensure strong optimization and functionality and be in compliance with the UAMS Office of Communications & Marketing; UAMS INTERNET, INTRANET policies.
The contactor should have experience and familiarity with web design software including but not limited to Front Page and Dreamweaver, and familiarity with such online packages as Joomla and WordPress. Also required are signed Confidentiality Agreements. The web sites to be developed include but are not limited to; William James Society and William James studies and Pediatrics Ethics Consortium.

If you are interested please provide a cover letter and resume to D. Micah Hester, Chief, Division of Medical Humanities, UAMS.

For further information contact:

Carol VanPelt
Division of Medical Humanities
College of Medicine (UAMS)
501-661-7970 (Voice)

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