Dr. Richard Wang talks CDO during CIS Colloquium Series


Richard Wang

On Friday, Jan. 27, Dr. Richard Wang, director of the MIT Chief Data Officer and Information Quality Program and founder and executive director of the Institute for Chief Data Officers at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, spoke to students and faculty about the importance of the Chief Data Officer (CDO) during the CIS Colloquium Series.

With more than 30 students in attendance, Wang encouraged each of them to attend major universities, as opposed to Wall Street, to conduct meaningful research and have their work published.

“I’ve seen many CDO’s come and go,” Wang said. “Don’t be discouraged with what you’re doing. It may take 30 years before people recognize your work.”

As the role of the CDO is fairly new, Wang broke down the importance of the officer’s position in the company, what he or she produces in the company, and his or her role to peers.

As he continued to inform and share with students the functions and duties of the CDO, he invited them to volunteer at an upcoming CDO meeting to get a sneak peek at how the professionals operate.

From April 6-7, Wang will host the first International Society of Chief Data Officers meeting in Little Rock. He explained that he wanted the metropolitan city to be a platform for CDO’s to thrive and operate.

As one of 1,100 CDO’s in the world, for many years, Wang has been considered a pioneer and leader in the field. He has served as the Deputy CDO and Chief Data Quality Officer of the U.S. Army, founded the Institute of CDO’s at UA Little Rock, and organized the International Conference on Information Quality along with a number of other things.

“It’s important to have a standard approach if you want to be a CDO,” Wang said. “Here is your toolkit.”

Wang soon hopes to work with students to prepare them for life in the field as well as fund graduate assistants in hopes to give them real world experience.

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