Trip Report to the Tau Beta Pi 2109 National Convention

Dr. Yupo Chan, third from left and Abbas Al-Wahhamy, right

Dr. Yupo Chan, third from left and Abbas Al-Wahhamy, right

Tau Beta Pi (TBP) recognizes exceptional engineers and students who have high scholastic accomplishments and exemplary character. Membership also offers unique and valuable leadership opportunities and a chance to interact with peers from all engineering disciplines. Tau Beta Pi membership is for life and by becoming a member of this honor society, one immerses himself/herself in an elite peer group with similar aspirations and high achievements.

Since 2012 UALR tried to join the TBP organization by launching an engineering honor society Tau Beta Beta (TBB) as required. To satisfy the higher TBP standards, we were not invited to file a petition until 2018. After the approval of the petition and a site visit by TBP, Abbas Al-Wahhamy, president of TBB, together with Dr. Yupo Chan, TBB Chapter Advisor, attended the TBP 2019 National Convention. During the Convention, we presented our petition in front of the Petition Committee. Upon their approval, we finally presented our petition in front of the Convention for the delegates’ votes. While Dr. Chan petitioned in front of the Petitions Committee, Abbas Al-Wahhamy had the honor of presenting the final petition in front of the 275 TBP delegates at the Convention.

The Convention was such an enriching experience being surrounding by fellow TBP members and listening to the amazing stories of the various TBP chapters made it worthwhile. During the Convention, Abbas AlWahhamy became the first initiate into the Arkansas Beta Chapter of TBP.

There are several benefits of being a member of TBP, among them are the following notable ones:

  • Abbas Al-Wahhamy

    Abbas Al-Wahhamy

    The Association awards 30 Fellowships of $10,000 to students for one year of graduate study in any discipline of engineering. At least 250 Scholarships of $2,000 are awarded each year to members for their senior year of study in engineering.

  • The award-winning Tau Beta Pi Engineering Futures Program was founded more than 20 years ago to meet a need to provide training in ‘people skills,’ or those non-technical skills necessary for success in the workplace but rarely included in engineering curricula.
  • TBP officers and members are supported in their travel to the annual TBP National Convention. Aside from networking, there are employers present who are eagerly recruiting from the attendees, who are among the brightest and the most professional among their respective classes.
  • Tau Beta Pi chapters and members are an important part of their local community. The Association supports and promotes opportunities to give back and be active in local communities through our K-12 MindSET Program and Greater Interest in Government project.
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