Caleaha Virgil


Caleaha Virgil

Caleaha Virgil, 19-year-old electronics and computer engineering student at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, is driven by her determination to succeed in her field so that she can one day make a difference in the workplace.

Virgil, Conway native, chose to attend UALR because of the connection that she made with the staff.

“The staff in EIT were absolutely amazing,” she said. “I also liked that the class settings were small, which was a plus.”

Virgil expects to graduate from the university May 2019, but not before taking advantage of the many opportunities presented to her.

Recently, she was offered a guaranteed position for the summer of 2017 in Florence, Alabama for Tarkett, a world leader in flooring and sports surface solutions. She plans to work in the company’s Leadership Development program after graduation while working to obtain her master’s in business management.

Throughout her short time at the university, Virgil has established many meaningful relationships with faculty and peers.

“These are people who have told me not to be afraid to say that I need help or freak out if I mess up,” she said. “Everything in my major is trial and error. You do it until you get it right.”

Virgil has also taken up activities outside of the classroom including being a scholar of the Chancellor’s Leadership Corps., a member of the National Society of Black Engineers, Society of Women Engineers, University Program Council, TRIO, and African American Female Initiative.

“It’s important to join organizations on campus and get to know others,” she said. “I was always taught that it’s not always about what you know, but who you know.”

Virgil hopes to one day work for a major phone or computer company such as Apple. Until then, she is working on staying focused and organized so that she soon reaches her goals.