Assembly – 10.14.05 Minutes

Cyber College Assembly
Meeting Minutes
Location: ETAS 233

1. Attendance: Total of 32 members present.
Members that where present
Dean’s Office: Will Elliot, Alfred Hampton, Joe Swaty, Russel Bruhn, Juddy Camp
Staff Representatives:
Applied Science: Hawk, R., Al-Shukri, H., Bhattacharyya, A., Jennings, S., Pruessner U., Wright, A., Mazumder M.
Computer Science: Milanova, F., Minsker, S., Tang, P.
Construction Mgt: Tramel, M., Xie H., Carr J.
Engineering Tech: Midturi, S., Tebbetts, G., Tschumi, P., Urbina, J., Menhart S, Chuck H.
Information Science: Tudoreanu, M., Wigand, R., Xu, X., Wu N., Zhao Y., Howe M., Murphy O
Systems Engineering: Reddy, R., Jovanavich N., Al-Rizzo H.
IT Minor Hawry G.,

  1. Call to order and minutes of last meeting.
    President called meeting to order at 1:30 PM, minutes approved.
  2. Assembly website:
    Dr. Jennings and other officers with the help Mr. Swaty (Dean’s office) and Mr. Thomas Wallace (UALR Webmaster) are developing a website for the DCISSE Assembly (
  3. Recruitment/Retention
    Retention/recruitment committee’s presentation by Dr. Russel Bruhn. Will Elliot summarized students’ activities. Mr. Al Hampton summarized off-site activities.
  4. Policy/Personnel:
    Dr. Wright presented an update on Policy and Personnel Advisor Committee report. Focused entirely on joint appointment; management; four different models suggested.
  5. Adjournment:
    The meeting ended at 2:45 PM.