Assembly Agenda 8/19/08

EIT Faculty Assembly Meeting, Fall 2008

August 19, 2008; 10am, ETAS 233

9:45am Coffee/Juice

10am EIT Faculty Assembly Meeting

1. Welcome and Introduction of Assembly Officers [Jennings]

2. Election of EIT Faculty Assembly Secretary [Jennings]

3. Approval of Minutes [Jennings]

4. Welcome and Introduction of New Faculty and Staff [Good]

5. EIT Building and General Update [Good]

6. Intellectual Property and Disclosure Filings [Walker]

7. Academic Distress Early Alert [Young]

8. EIT Common Ethics Course [Tramel]

9. Spring EIT Faculty Senator Election [Tschumi]

– Assembly to reconsider Spring election process

10. Update on Faculty Senate Promotion and Tenure Document [Senators]

11. EIT Assembly Initiatives Task Forces on Research Clusters and Research Infrastructure [Jennings]

12. New Business [Jennings]

13. Adjourn

14. Election of EIT Committee Chairs/Secretaries

11:30am Lunch [fajita buffet]

2pm University Assembly