Assembly Minutes 4/25/08

April 25, 2008

Members that where present Dean’s Office:  R. Bruhn

Staff Representatives:

Applied Science:  A. Bhattacharya, H. Al Shukri, A. Biris, Q. He, A. Wright, C. Ye

Computer Science: S. Minsker,  F. Milanova, S. Geoghegan, J. Perkins, C. Bayrak

Construction Mgt: M. Tramel, J. Carr, M. Tramel, H. Xie, B. Burks (student rep)

Engineering Tech: M. Bakr, P. Tschumi, G. Tebbetts, S. Midturi

Information Science: N. Wu, S. Jennings, V. Ravindrakumar (student rep), C. Lowrey, S. Harvey, M. Howe, L. Pierce, E. Tudoreanu, T. Wallace

Systems Engineering: S. Mohan, Y. Chan, J. Zhang, N. Jovanovic, X. Liu, I. Nisanci, R. Reddy, J. Xi

Started at 11 am

  • Approval of prior Assembly Meeting Minutes.
  • Chairs report departmental reps to EIT Committees for ’08-’09
  • Election of Assembly Officers and EIT Representatives to University committees
    • Appeals Tenure:  Ningning Wu, Menhart Steve
    • EIT Press:  Jennings S.
    • EIT PAR:  Tschumi, P.
    • EIT SECY:  He, Q.
    • EIT VP:  Ray, C.
    • FAC SENATE:  Tschumi, P., Tudoreanu, Chan Y.
    • UG COUNCIL:  Xie
    • GRADUATE COUNCIL: Jennings S
    • Committee on Committees:  Carr
    • Tenure Committee:  Wu
    • Appeals Council:  Menhart
  • Short break for lunch; meeting continuee after everyone got food
  • Update on Assembly Initiatives on Research Clusters and Research Infrastructure
  • Dr. Bruhn presented the justification for the IFSC 2200 and suggests adding this course to the EIT core.
    • Dr. Jovanovich presented his case against the proposal. Discussion continued  “for” and “against”.
    • A friendly amendment by Pete Tschumi: “the EIT College Assembly approves adding a two-credit-hour ethics course to the curriculum and adding it to the EIT core in the category of ‘Fine Arts/Humanities (5-6 hours)’ with the understanding that it is the decision of the departments whether or not to include it in the major requirements.”
    • Motion passed, Yes 35, No 6, and Abstain 1.
  • Andrew Wright’s motion on course duplication, suggested formation of an ad hoc committee to study the core curriculum. Motion did not pass.
    • Motion to end discussion, passed.

Adjournment at 12:55 PM.