Assembly Minutes 5/4/2010

EIT Faculty Assembly Meeting


Tuesday, May 4, 2010


ETAS 233


  1. Meeting was convened by the EIT Assembly President Liz Pierce at 10:09
    1. Departments announced tenure and promotion results


  1. August 19, 2009 Assembly Meeting Minutes approved as presented


  1. Results of election of Next Year’s EIT Officers and Representatives


    1. President – Serhan Dagtas
    2. Vice President –  Jim Carr
    3. Secretary – Liz Pierce
    4. Parliamentarian – Pete Tschumi
    5. Committee on Committee – Edi Tudoreanu
    6. Faculty Appeals Council – Hirak Patangia
    7. Graduate Council –  Kenji Yoshigoe
    8. Committee on Tenure –  Steve Menhart
    9. Undergraduate Council – Kamran Iqbal
    10. Faculty Senate – George Tebbetts, Pete Tschumi, Radu Babiceanu


  1. Remarks from Dean’s Office
    1. Kelley Bass: Move/Building Updates

                            i.      Departments to receive bins for materials Friday May 7

                            ii.      Door to bridge to be open

                            iii.      Thursday May 13 move starts to end midday Friday

                            iv.      Bins will be collected May 18

                            v.      New furniture in new building

                            vi.      Dean’s Office to move starting June 2 to June 9

                            vii.      Remaining departments to move when space opens up

                            viii.      Keith Hudson will manage keys

                            ix.      Some donated furniture may be available

                            x.      Phone transfer to start May 13

                           xi.      Faculty ID card will provide new building access.


    1. Dean Good

                           i.      Congratulated faculty for productive year

                           ii.      Budget not bad most cuts from Dean’s Office.

                           iii.      Departmental budgets to stay static.

                            iv.      Travel should be limited to USA as much as possible

                            v.      Departments should prioritize needs

                            vi.      Phd. in Integrated Computing approved

                            vii.      Construction Engineering BS degree approved

  1. Dr. Jovanovic transferred to CNMG

                            viii.      Undergraduate enrollment decreasing.  Departments should increase recruitment efforts.

                             ix.      Graduate enrolment up

                            x.      Departments need to increase retention efforts


  1. New Business
    1. Ethics in the Profession IFSC 2200 can be used to replace a Fine Arts or Literature core
    2. Discussion on the lack of submissions for the college Excellence Awards. Some suggestions to consider for next year include:

                             i.      Organize all EIT committees at the opening Fall Assembly meeting

                             ii.      Encourage departments to elect senior faculty to serve on the EIT committees

                             iii.      Produce checklist to help departments/nominees assemble their nomination packets

                            iv.      Motivate all departments to submit their nominations early


  1. Meeting Adjourned at 11:48.



Attending (names from sign-in sheet):

Applied Science:
Al-Shukri, Haydar
Wright, Andrew

Karabacak, Tansel

    Abhijit Bhattacharyya

Computer Science:

Milanova, Mariofanna
Minsker, Steven
Seker, Remzi
Yoshigoe, Kenji

Bayrak, Coskun

Construction Management:
Blacklock, James
Carr, James
Ray, Christopher

Squires, Mark

Jovanovic, Nickolas

Dean’s office:
Bass, Kelly
Bruhn, Russel
Good, Mary
Engineering Technology:
Luneau, David

Bakr, Mamdouh

Tebbetts, George

Information Science and Information Technology:

     Agarwal, Nitin
Dagtas, Serhan
Lowry, Catherine
Pierce, Liz

Talburt, John

Tudoreanu, Edi
Wallace, Thomas
Wigand, Rolf
Xu, Xiaowei
Systems Engineering:
Babiceanu, Radu
Lai, Lifeeng
Liu, Xian
Mohan, Seshadri
Zhang, Jing

Iqbal, Kamran

Reddy, Rama
Staff Representatives