Assembly Minutes 5/5/09

EIT Assembly Meeting
May 5, 2009, ETAS 233

1. Meeting called to order at 10:36 by President Jennings.
2. Minutes from the August 19, 2008 meeting approved.
3. Dr. Good presentation

a. Enrollment up 11% in college
b. No surplus funds or pay increases.
c. University may increase health care support.
d. EIT building status

i. To open Spring ”Ëœ10.
ii. Some fundraising still needed

e. Better quality and quantity of recruits
f. 5 summer programs
g. Summer research projects available
h. Update on graduate programs
i. Graduate Reception and Awards May 15 ”“ Acxiom Building
j. EIT building update

i. First floor student oriented
ii. Second floor classrooms ”“ web casting
iii. Third floor classrooms and bioinformatics center
iv. Tiered classrooms
v. Hallway study areas
vi. Fourth floor shell only
vii. Fifth floor faculty office
viii. Sixth floor research space with no permanent walls
ix. Anticipated possession May 2010
x. Questions

1. Gated parking on north side
2. New office furniture will be provided ”“ some options

k. All faculty must complete biosafety forms available and return to chairs

4. Presentation by Kelley Bass

a. Discussed meetings with local industries about internships and other college relations

i. Windstream
ii. Acxiom
iii. 3M
iv. Wellspun
v. Elum Glassfiber
vi. Local consulting engineering firms
vii. Little Rock Engineering Club

b. Advisory council meetings for all departments completed.

i. Would like to review and update memberships

5. Election of officers and committees

a. President ”“ Liz Pierce
b. Vice President ”“ Serhan Dagtas
c. Secretary – Jim Carr
d. Parliamentarian – Pete Tschumi
e. Graduate Council ”“ Liz Pierce
f. Undergraduate Council – Mike Tramel
g. Faculty Senate – Mike Tramel – Gary Anderson – Nick Jovanovic
h. Committee on Tenure ”“ Mihail Tudoreanu
i. Committee on Committees – Chris Ray

6. Departments need to submit representatives to college committees
7. No new business.
8. Meeting adjourned at 11:24.

Faculty in Attendance

Applied Science:
&- Anderson, Gary
&- Bhattacharyya, Abhijit
&- Karabacak, Tansel

Computer Science:
&- Milanova, Mariofanna
&- Minsker, Steven
&- Ramaswamy, Srini
&- Seker, Remzi
&- Tang, Peiyi
&- Yoshigoe, Kenji

Construction Management:
&- Blacklock, James
&- Carr, James
&- Tramel, Mike
&- Xie, Haiyan

Engineering Technology:
&- Bakr, Mamdouh
&- Luneau, David
&- Menhart, Steve
&- Midturi, Swaminadham
&- Pidugu, Srikanth
&- Tebbetts, George
&- Tschumi, Pete

Information Science and Information Technology:
&- Dagtas, Serhan
&- Jennings, Steve
&- Lowry, Catherine
&- Pierce, Liz
&- Talburt, John
&- Tudoreanu, Edi
&- Wallace, Thomas
&- Wigand, Rolf
&- Wu, Ningning

Systems Engineering:
&- Babiceanu, Radu
&- Chan, Yupo
&- Huang, Guoliang
&- Jovanovic, Nickolas
&- Liu, Xian
&- Mohan, Seshadri
&- Nisanci, Ibrahim
&- Reddy, Rama
&- Zhang, Jing

Dean’s office:
&- Bruhn, Russel
&- Good, Mary
&- Bass, Kelly