Assembly Minutes – 8/18/09

EIT Faculty Assembly Minutes – Fall 2009

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

ETAS 233

Meeting convened 8:33 am by President Pierce

1. Welcome and Introduction of Assembly Officers

  • President: Liz Pierce, Information Science
  • Vice President: Serhan Dagtas, Information Science
  • Secretary: Jim Carr, Construction Management
  • Parliamentarian: Pete Tschumi, Engineering Technology
  • Past President: Steve Jennings, Information Science

2. Approval of prior Assembly Meeting Minutes

  • Motion approved to accept minutes as corrected

3. Chairs – Introduction of New Faculty and Staff

  • Nitin Agarwal (Information Science – Starting Aug. 2009)
  • Amin Akhnoukh (Construction Management – Started Jan. 2009)
  • Lifeng Lai (Systems Engineering – Starting Aug. 2009)
  • Greg Webster (Technical Manager ERIQ Lab, Starting Aug. 2009)
  • Brenda Barnhill (Program Manager ERIQ Lab, Starting July 2009)

4. Welcoming Remarks from Dean Mary Good

A. Discussed annual report

B. Recruiting and Retention

i. Enrollment growth through Spring 09

    • Construction Management 251
    • Computer Science 210
    • Information Science 182
    • Systems Engineering 174
    • Engineering Technology 157
    • Applied Science 124

ii. Believes trends will continue

      • College will continue small class sections
      • No classroom in new building above 40 students

iii. 50 Scholarship students

      • ACT average 27.3

iv. Our college has majors with top paying jobs for graduates

      • Data from CNN Money July 09

C. Building Updates (ETAS and New Building)

  • i. Building to be finished for next fall
  • May 1 faculty – staff move in
  • Funding now available to finish the entire building
  • Verizon donated cubical furniture for research space and fourth floor. Also furniture for offices.

D. Proposed Bond Expenditures

i. Housing

ii. Finish EIT Buildings

iii. Stella Boyle Smith Hall

iv. Elevator reburbishing

v. Nanotechnology Sciences Center

vi. Student Services One-Stop Center

vii. Health and Wellness Building

viii. Health, Recreation, and Sports Complex

ix. Contingency

E. Space reassigned for ETAS building

i. Construction Management to Dean’s Suite

ii. Office of Innovation and Commercialization into Current Construction Management on first floor

iii. More space for mechanical and electrical research

iv. Doubling size of CAD lab (complete for Fall 09)

F. If you want revisions made to college website, contact Thomas Wallace

G. International student efforts

  • Five students from a collaboration with an Indian University
  • More students from Rawanda and Iraq
  • Memorandum of Understanding with Pondicherry University, India.

5. New Business

  • First week of September furniture display
  • 10th anniversary celebration in November at Jack Stephens Center
    • Clinton will attend
    • Picnic for faculty, staff, and students
  • ice Cream Social Wednesday afternoon

6. Distribution of the Annual Report

7. Meeting Adjournment at 9:34 a.m.

Attending (names from sign-in sheet)

Applied Science:

Al-Shukri, Haydar
Anderson, Gary
Khodakovskaya, Mariya
Wright, Andrew
Computer Science:
Milanova, Mariofanna
Minsker, Steven
Ramaswamy, Srini
Seker, Remzi
Tang, Peiyi
Yoshigoe, Kenji

Construction Management:
Akhnoukh, Amin
Blacklock, James
Carr, James
Ray, Christopher
Tramel, Mike
Xie, Haiyan

Dean’s office:
Bass, Kelly
Bruhn, Russel
Good, Mary
Diaz, Shawna

Engineering Technology:
Bakr, Mamdouh
Midturi, Swaminadham
Patangia, Hirak
Pidugu, Srikanth
Tebbetts, George
Tschumi, Pete
Zhang, Wenle
Information Science and Information Technology:
Agarwal, Nitin
Barnhill. Brenda
Dagtas, Serhan
Lowry, Catherine
Pierce, Liz
Tudoreanu, Edi
Wallace, Thomas
Wigand, Rolf
Xu, Xiaowei
Jennings, Steve
Systems Engineering:
Al-Rizzo, Hussain
Babiceanu, Radu
Bouaynaya, Nidhal
Chan, Yupo
Huang, Guoliang
Jovanovic, Nickolas
Lai, Lifeeng
Liu, Xian
Mohan, Seshadri
Nisanci, Ibrahim
Reddy, Rama
Xi, JingXiang
Zhang, Jing

Staff Representatives