Assembly Minutes 8/18/2010

EIT Faculty Assembly Meeting
Wednesday, August 18, 2010
9:00 – 10:30 am
EIT Auditorium

  1. Meeting commenced at 9:10 am.  Dr. Serhan Dagtas (EIT President) introduces the new officers (Jim Carr (VP), Liz Pierce (Secretary), and Pete Tschumi (Parliamentarian).
  2. New Faculty and Staff: Dr. Remzi Seker introduced three new Computer Science Faculty (Keith Bush, Mengjun Xie, and Suncheng Yu)
  3. Assembly minutes from May 2010 were approved (Jim Carr made the motion and Russel Bruhn seconded it – all in favor).
  4. Updates from the Dean’s Office
    • Congratulations to all faculty who earned NSF and other grants this year.
    • Personnel Changes
      • Dr. Russel Bruhn will be returning to the IFSC Department as of January 1, 2011.
      • Dr. Abhijit Bhattarcharyya will take over as Associate Dean and oversight of the college’s graduate and research programs.
      • Katie Young’s role will be expanded to include all undergraduate affairs.
      • Vernard Henley will be in charge of EIT Recruitment and Retention efforts
    • Building Updates:
      • Dean Good reviewed the status of the new building’s punch list, contractors, VM thin client training, new graduate student space as well as discussing the status of the renovations taking place in ETAS.
      • EIT Building Dedication will take place on Friday, Sept. 10, 2010 at 1:30 pm in the EIT Auditorium.
    • Budget Updates:
      • Faculty raises (currently in escrow) will hopefully be distributed later this academic year.
      • ADHE is changing our funding formula to emphasize outcomes.  This year expect 80% of funding to be based on the 11th day census with 20% based on the last day of class enrollment.
      • College budget is tight but efforts will be made to accommodate as many requests as possible.
      • Enrollment is anticipated to improve.
    • Other Announcements
      • Graduate recruitment and retention also requires attention.
      • Dr. Bhattacharyya gave an update on graduate programs in the college.
      • IFSC 2200 Ethics for the Profession will be offered in the Spring (now part of the EIT Core).
      • A Bachelor of Science. in Construction Engineering is now available from the CNMG Department. 
      • Students can now take a course in Engineering Economics as part of their upper level humanities/social sciences requirements.
    • Katie Young gave an overview of EIT student services which includes undergraduate recruitment, scholarship administration, freshman transition, student support, and other academic services.
    • Annual Reports were distributed.
  5. EIT College Committees were asked to organize their members and to elect a Chair.
  6. Meeting was adjourned at approximately 10:15 am

Attendance from Sign Up Sheet

  1. Dean’s Office
    1. Dr. Mary Good
    2. Cathy Shank
    3. Kelley Bass
  2. Academic Services
    1. Katie Young
    2. Vernard Henley
  3. Applied Science
    1. Haydar Al-Shukri
    2. Gary Anderson
    3. Abhijit Bhattacharyya
    4. Tansel Karabacak
    5. Andrew Wright
    6. Cang Ye
  4. Computer Science
    1. Remzi Seker
    2. Keith Bush
    3. Chia-Chu Chiang
    4. Mariofanna Milanova
    5. Steven Minsker
    6. Peiyi Tang
    7. Mengjun Xie
    8. Kenji Yoshigoe
    9. Shucheng Yu
  5. Construction Management
    1. Mike Tramel
    2. James Blacklock
    3. James Carr
    4. Nickolas Jovanovic
    5. John Woodard
    6. Haiyan Xie
    7. Sandra Bates
  6. Engineering Technology
    1. Mamdouh Bakr
    2. David Luneau
    3. Steve Menhart
    4. Swaminadham Midturi
    5. Hirak Patangia
    6. Srikangth Pidugu
    7. George Tebbetts
    8. Pete Tschumi
    9. Wenle Zhang
  7. Information Science
    1. Elizabeth Pierce
    2. Nitin Agarwal
    3. Brenda Barnhill
    4. Serhan Dagtas
    5. Steve Jennings
    6. John Talburt
    7. Mihail Tudoreanu
    8. Gregg Webster
    9. Rolf Wigand
    10. Catherine Lowry
    11. Thomas Wallace
  8. Systems Engineering
    1. Radu Babiceanu
    2. Yupo Chan
    3. Guoliang Huang
    4. Kamran Iqbal
    5. Lifeng Lai
    6. Xian Liu
    7. Ibrahim Nisanci
    8. Rama Reddy
    9. Jing Zhang
  9. Nanotechnology Center
  10. Innovation/Commercialization
  11. Graduate Institute of Technology