Assembly Minutes 8/19/08

EIT Faculty Assembly Meeting, Fall 2008

August 19, 2008; ETAS 233
1.)Meeting called to order at 10:05 By President Jennings
2.)Introduction of officers
3.)Election of replacementsecretary as QingFang He resigned
a.Jim Carr elected by acclimation
4.)Approval of minutes from previous meetings
a.August 22, 2006
b.May 4, 2007
c.April 15, 2007
d.October 26, 2007
e.April 25, 2008
5.)Dean Good welcomed the faculty
a.Introduction of new faculty
i.Applied Science ”“ Mariya Khodakovskaya
ii.Systems Engineering – Jinxiang Xi
iii.IT Minor-Stephanie Harvey
iv.Dean Office ”“ Kelley Bass
b.New Chair info science- Elizabeth Pierce
c.University Assembly meeting Dickinson at 2pm
d.Faculty must post mid-term grades for all 1000 & 2000 classes-must submit form showing method.
e.State Dept. of higher education funds 90% on 11 day-10% on end of semester
f.Budget will be tight – College budget is flat
g. To assist students refer them to Academic Success Center in the old Speech Communication Building
h.Annual Report of EIT distributed
i.New Building ”“Final bids due 28th of August
j.Dean Good presented images of the new building
i.6 floors ”“ 4th floor for future expansion
ii.Goal to occupy Jan 2010
k. Enrollment for all departments up
l.No room or time changes will be permitted
6.)Associate Dean Bruhn discussed midterm grades
a.Midterm Grades for all lower division courses
b.All faculty must complete form disclosing reporting method or indicating not relevant
7.)Tom Walker- Vice Provost for Innovation and Commercialization
a.Discussion about Intellectual Property
b.University Patent Committee established
c.Must follow U of Ark System Policy
i.Forms From Office ETAS 150
ii.Will Send info to all Faculty
{Information: For information on Patent and Inventor’s information that was discussed at the EIT Faculty Assembly please go to the following link: You will find additional information on invention and intellectual property disclosures in the Inventor’s Handbook. You can also contact the Center, 683-7456/683-7678 for a copy of the Invention Disclosure Form.}
d.Discussed relevance of patents
i.Trade names
ii.Invention of disclosure package
8.)Assistant Dean Young
a.Retention is critical
b.EIT Early Alert Program:Online form for referral at
9.)Mike Tramel Undergraduate Curriculum Committee
a.IFSC 2200 Ethics in the profession
i.Motion to place in EIT fine arts/humanities
ii.Motion passes
10.)Pete Tschumi discussed the challenge to the Spring election of faculty senators
a.Motion to Recognize that section D 2 of the EIT Constitution is the correct procedure to use which means that if a candidate does not need a majority and if there is a tie among those with the highest number of votes then a runoff is applied
b.Motion passed
11.)University Promotion and Tenure Process Committee report
a.Draft of revised policy being reviewed
b.New Policy is anticipated to be forwarded to Chancellor by mid semester
12.)Meeting Adjourned 11:55