Assembly Minutes – April 30, 2004

Cyber College Assembly

Meeting Minutes
Date:April 30, 2004

Location:ETAS 233
1. Attendance: Total of 36 members present out of a total of 56 members.

Members that where present

Dean’s Office: Good, M., Mitchell, W.

Staff Representatives: Hancock, C.

Applied Science: Hawk, R., Al-Shukri, H., Bhattacharyya, A., Jennings, S., Sims, B., Thompson, G., Wright, A., Zhang, J.

Computer Science:Ford, C., Minsker, S., Tang, P.

Construction Mgt:Tramel, M., Blacklock, J.

Engineering Tech:Midturi, S., Luneau, D., Tebbetts, G., Tschumi, P., Urbina, J.

Information Science:Bruhn, R., Burris, K., Burton, P., Dagtas, S., Karlson, N., Lowry, C., Tudoreanu, M., Wigand, R., Xu, X.

Systems Engineering:Chan, Y., Iqbal, K., Jovanovic, N., Kim, J., Liu, X., Reddy, R.

Corrections: Al-Shukri, H., Liu, X.,
Members that where absent

GIT: Hudson, K., Wilson, D.

Staff Representatives:Young, K.

Applied Science: Anderson, G. He, Q., Mazumder, M.,

Computer Science:Bayrak, C., Chiang, C., Jones, J., Milanova, M.

Construction Mgt:Carr, J., Niles, L., Ray, C.

Engineering Tech:Bakr, M., Menhart, S., Patangia, H., Pidugu, S.,

Information Science:Falconer, D., Wu, N.

System Engineering:Al-Rizzo, H.,
2. Call to order and minutes of last meeting where not available.

President Sims called meeting to order at 1:00 PM.
3. Elections Results:
Assembly Officers

  • President:Russel Bruhn
  • Vice President:Nick Jovanovic
  • Secretary:Andrew Wright (run off election required)
  • Parliamentary:Pete Tschumi

Faculty Senate:

  • Rolf Wigand
  • Andrew Wright

Committee Members

  • Graduate Council:Steve Minsker (run off election required)
  • Undergraduate Coun:Charles Ford
  • Comm on Comm:Steve Jennings
  • Faculty Appeals:Gary Anderson (run off election required)
  • Tenure Comm:Roger Hawk (run off election required)

4. Dean’s Report

Dean Good provided update on CyberCollege activities, accreditation updates, department activities, and faculty recruitment.
5. New Business:

CyberCollege Policies and Procedures Committee

Presented Resolution 1 to set policy for joint appointments after discussion was tabled for next meeting.

CyberCollege Promotion and Tenure Committee

Presented Resolution 2 to establish a standing committee for promotion and tenure review and after discussion was tabled for next meeting.

CyberCollege Graduate Council and Undergraduate Council

Presented Resolution 3 a joint resolution to combine the graduate and undergraduate councils into one curriculum council with two amendments dealing with graduate status and undergraduate teaching experience. Resolution was tabled without discussion for next meeting.
6. Adjournment:

The meeting ended at 2:30 PM.