Assembly Minutes January 13, 2005

Cyber College Assembly

Meeting Minutes

Date:January 13, 2005

Location:ETAS 233

1. Attendance: Total of 36 members present out of a total of 56 members.

Members that where present

Dean’s Office: Good, M., Bruhn, R.

Staff Representatives: .

Applied Science: Hawk, R., Anderson, G.

Computer Science:Ford, C., Bayrak, C., Geoghegan, S., Minsker, S., Tang, P., Yoshigoe, K.

Construction Mgt:Tramel, M., Blacklock, J., Ray, C., Xie, H.

Engineering Tech:Midturi, S., Bakr, M., Menhart, S., Pidugu, S., Tschumi, P.

Information Science:Burris, K., Dagtas, S., Lowry, C., Karlson, N., Tudoreanu, M.,

Wigand, R., Xu, X.

Systems Engineering:Mohan, S., Chan, Y., Jovanovic, N., Liu, X., Reddy, R.
1. Dean’s Report

  • Dean Good provided update on CyberCollege activities. The budget is now a base item and has improved the financial stabilty of the College.
  • Plans are underway to expand the engineering offerings with mechanical systems and electrical systems options. Funding for this is available and the curriculum has been approved by the department.
  • Joe Swaty has made more industry contacts than every before.
  • Research proposals now require a firm 48 hour submittal time to the Dean’s office.
  • Charles Ford is leaving for a Dean’s position at another university. Coskun Bayrak has been appointed the interim Chair of the Computer Science Department.
  • Recuritment is one of the most critical issues now facing the College.

2. New Business:

A replacement for UGC representative had to be elected to replace Charles Ford. The election resulted in a tie and a second vote resulted with George Tebbetts as the new representative and Kamran Iqbal as the alternate.

CyberCollege Policy and Personnel Advisory Committee (PPAC) presented a draft proposal for a Promotion and Tenure Committee for discussion only. It was decided that a straw vote be taken to determine if the Assembly had any interest in creating such a committee. The Assembly voted 19 to 7 for the principle of having a P&T Committee. During a lengthy discussion, the membership of the Assembly provided substantial feedback to the PPAC about suggestions for changes in the draft proposal.