Assembly Minutes 8/15/07

Aug. 15, 2007

Members that were present

Dean’s Office:  Good, M., Bruhn, R.

Applied Science:  Anderson, G., B . Abhijit, Cang Ye, Qingfany He, S. Jennings, Hayder Al Shukri, K. Hudson, T. Karabacak, M. Malay, A. Wright, C. Ye

Computer Science:  Bayrak, C., Geoghegan, S., Minsker, S., Tang, P., Yoshigoe, K., Remji Seker, Srini Ramaswamy, F Milanova

Construction Mgt:  Tramel, M., Blacklock, J., Ray, C., Xie, H., J Woodard, J Carr

Engineering Tech:  Bakr, M., Menhart, S., Pidugu, S., Tschumi, P., C. Hancock, D. Luneau, H. Patangia

Information Science:  Lowry, C., Tudoreanu, M. , Ningning Wu, D. Berleant, Howe M., L. Pierce, J. Talburt, R. Wang

Systems Engineering: Mohan, S., Chan, Y., Liu, X., H. Al-Rizzo, J Zhang, I Nisanci, G. Huang, R. Babiceanu


I. Welcome (Jennings)

II. Approval of prior meeting minutes (Al-Rizzo)

III. Update on appointed college representatives to university committees (Bakr)

     Available on the assembly’s website

IV. Charge to departments to identify departmental representatives to college committees

V. Discussion of assembly initiatives (Jennings)

     Recommended the formation of an initiative task force with two representatives from each department. Discussed research cluster and course duplications issues.

VI. Adjournment

VII. Distribution of college annual report