Assembly Minutes 8/22/06

Cyber College Assembly
Meeting Minutes
Date: 8-22-2006
Location: ETAS 233

Attendance: Total of 33 members present.

Members that where present

Dean’s Office: Good, M., Bruhn, R.

Applied Science: Al-Shukri, H., Bhattacharyya, A., Jennings, S., Anderson, G.

Computer Science: Bayrak, C., Chiang, C., Geoghegan, S., Milanova, M., Ramaswarmy, S., Seker, R., Yoshigoe, K., Minsker, S., Tang, P.

Construction Mgt: Tramel, M., Xie H.

Engineering Tech: Midturi, S., Tebbetts, G., Tschumi, P., Menhart S., Mamdouh B., Srikanth P., Luneau, D.

Information Science: Tudoreanu, M., Wigand, R., Xu, X., Wu, N., Owen, M.

Systems Engineering: Reddy, R., Jovanavich N., Al-Rizzo, H., Iqbal, K.

1. Call to order:Â President called meeting to order at 10:00 AM.

2, Welcome/announcements from the president of the assembly and opening comments by Dr. Srini R.

3. Dean Good addressed the state of the college.

4. Chairs of Applied Science and Systems Engineering Departments introduced their new faculty members.

5. DCISSE committees were asked to elect chairs and secretaries6. The meeting ended at 11:30 AM.