Minutes March 4, 2005

Minutes ”“ Cyber College Meeting ”“ 03/04/05
Members in Attendance:

Applied Science: Al-Shukri, Battacharyya, Hawk, He, Jennings, Williams (Student Rep), Wright

Computer Science: Bayrak, Chiang, Collins (Student Rep), Geoghegan, Milanova, Minsker, Tang, Yoshigoe

Construction Management: Blacklock, Carr, Norwood (Student Rep), Ray, Tramel, Woodard, Xie

Engineering Technology: Bakr, George (Student Rep), Menhart, Midturi, Patangia, Pidugu, Tebbets, Tschumi, Urbina

Information Sci: Bruhn, Burris, Dagtas, Karlson, Lowery, Tudoreneau, Wu, Xu

Systems Engineering: Al-Rizzo, Chan, Iqbal, Jovanovic, Kinley (Student Rep), Liu, Mohan

Staff: Hancock (voting member), Howe, Young (voting member)

Dean: Mary Good
Dean Good’s Comments and Announcements

  • The expansion in the engineering program has cleared Undergraduate Council. A Letter of Notification has been sent to the UofA Board of Trustees and to ADHE. The program is still on track to accept students in Fall 2005.
  • The building money should be raised within the next 12 months.

Committee Resolutions:

First Resolution

  • The PP&A committee presented a motion to modify the DCISSE Governance Document to add a College Promotion and Tenure Committee. Mike Tramel presented a substitute motion which was seconded.
  • The discussion centered on two primary points of dispute. The PP&A motion required tenure to serve on the P&T committee, whereas the substitute motion allowed any member to serve. The PP&A motion transferred review of departmental P&T documents from the PP&A to the P&T committee. The substitute motion maintained those powers with the PP&A.
  • The assembly voted to substitute the Substitute Motion (29 for and 16 against). By majority vote, the motion was substituted.
  • The assembly vote on the Substitute Motion was 23 for and 18 against. Since an amendment to the DCISSE Governance document requires a 2/3 “super-majority,” the motion was not approved.

Second Resolution

  • The PP&A presented a draft policy on Joint Appointments for discussion. Due to the length of the previous discussion, little progress was made on this item.