Minutes – May 10, 2011

EIT Faculty Assembly Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

8:30 – 9:00 am Refreshments

9:00 am – 10:30 am Meeting

EIT Auditorium

  1. The Faculty Assembly Meeting for Spring 2011 was called to order at approximately 9:10 am. Dr. Serhan Dagtas, EIT Assembly President, welcomed the faculty.
  1. The first order of business was the approval of the August 18, 2010 Assembly Meeting Minutes. Dr. Dagtas asked for the motion to approve, Catherine Lowry seconded, and all present were in favor.
  1. The next order of business was the election of next year’s EIT officers and representatives.  Nominations were taken from the floor and paper ballots were used to record the votes.  Pete Tschumi tallied the votes with these results for the 2011-2012 Academic Year.
    1. President – Dr. Gary Anderson (Applied Science)
    2. Vice President – Dr. Nick Jovanovic (Construction Management)
    3. Secretary – Dr. Liz Pierce (Information Science)
    4. Parliamentarian – Dr. Pete Tschumi (Engineering Technology)
    5. Committee on Committee – Dr. Edi Tudoreanu (Information Science)
    6. Faculty Appeals Council – Only voted on in even numbered years.
    7. Graduate Council – Dr. Yupo Chan (Systems Engineering)
    8. Committee on Tenure – Dr. Russel Bruhn (Information Science)
    9. Undergraduate Council – Dr. Mike Tramel (Construction Management)
    10. Faculty Senate – Dr. Gary Anderson, Dr. Nick Jovanovic, and Dr. Mike Tramel.
  1. Next, Dr. Good made remarks to the assembly.
    1. Building: We are finishing our first year in the new EIT building.  There are a few remaining items that need to be wrapped up, but on the whole, the building is excellent and it greatly relieves the stress on the original ETAS building.
    2. New Programs: This past year has been a productive year with the launching of the new B.S. degree in Construction Engineering and the approval of the new PhD in Engineering Science and Systems.
    3. Student Success: We now have more students than ever receiving awards and placing well in competitions.
    4. Grant Funding: A number of faculty received substantial and prestigious grants this year including Guoliang Huang, Hirak Patangia, Alex Biris, Cang Ye, Nidhal Bouaynaya, Lifeng Lai, and Yupo Chan.
    5. Faculty Promotions: Dr. Guoliang Huang and Dr. Tansel Karabacak were promoted to Associate Professor and the following faculty were promoted to Professor: Russel Bruhn, Ningning Wu, Serhan Dagtas, and Mike Tramel.
    6. Budget Update: We are expecting little new money for next year.  Faculty should expect no raises, but UALR is trying to pull some money together to address specific faculty inequities. Hopefully next year UALR enrollments will begin to pick up.
    7. New Dean: Dr. Eric Sandgren will be in Little Rock in June and he will officially take over as Dean on July 1.
    8. In Closing:  Dean Good said it has been an absolute privilege to serve as the EIT Dean and she hopes the college will continue to grow and to double in size over the next 5 years.
  1. Next, Dr. Abhijit Bhattacharyya, Associate Dean, gave the faculty an update on EIT graduate programs and research.
    1. Academic Aspects
      1. i.     The Integrated Computing Doctoral Program has strengthened their admission and progress requirements for their students. In addition, the program is revising its candidacy exam format to improve consistency and consensus of the exam areas.
      2. ii.     The Engineering Science and Systems Doctoral Program have incorporated a journal publication requirement for their graduates and have designed a candidacy exam format that is independent of coursework.
      3. iii.     He commended Applied Science on their role in successfully launching new doctoral programs.
      4. Viability and Standards
        1. i.     All programs need to strive to graduate students in numbers above the ADHE threshold requirements.
        2. ii.     Funding will continue to be an issue for graduate programs. Remedies include encouraging more overseas government support of international students and pursuing IGERT/industry funding so we can recruit more domestic students.
  2. Next, Dr. Iqbal updated the Faculty Assembly on the status of the Undergraduate Curriculum Review (UCR) Task Force.
    1. The goal of this task force is to review the UALR core curriculum.
    2. So far, the task force has developed a set of fundamental questions to explore, a general education statement of purpose, a set of educational outcomes, list of peer institutions, and a set of competencies and core values.
    3. Faculty are encouraged to review the handout that Dr. Iqbal distributed and to share their ideas with Dr. Iqbal so he can take these thoughts back to the Task Force.
    4. Another issue discussed is a possible change to making 120 credit hours a standard across the UA system.
  1. Next, Dr. Dagtas reviewed a list of proposed changes to the college constitution with the faculty.
    1. He shared with the Assembly a list of proposed changes including several proposals submitted via email.
    2. While the original need to update the EIT Governance Documents was driven by the changes in the EIT Graduate Programs, the need to make editorial updates (such as revising the document to reflect the new college name) and to bring the document up to date with UALR Governance guidelines now necessitates more extensive changes.
    3. After some discussion, it was decided that Dr. Dagtas should help organize a committee in the Fall with representation from across the college to review the EIT governance documents and to present a comprehensive set of revisions to the faculty.
    4. In addition to the college governance documents, all departments are encouraged to get their governance documents up to date and in compliance with Faculty Senate guidelines.
  1. There were no additional new business items and the meeting adjourned at approximately 10:40 am
  1. List of Faculty Attending
    1. Applied Science
      1. i.     Al-Shukri, Haydar
      2. ii.     Anderson, Gary
      3. iii.     Ye, Cang
      4. Computer Science
        1. i.     Minsker, Steven
        2. ii.     Remzi, Seker
        3. iii.     Tang, Peiyi
        4. Construction Management
          1. i.     Jovanovic, Nick
          2. ii.     Akhnoukh, Amin
          3. iii.     Blacklock, James
          4. iv.     Squires, Mark
          5. v.     Tramel, Mike
          6. vi.     Woodard, John
        5. Dean’s Office
          1. i.     Bhattacharyya, Abhijit
          2. ii.     Good, Mary
        6. Engineering Technology
          1. i.     Bakr, Mamdouh
          2. ii.     Luneau, David
          3. iii.     Patangia, Hirak
          4. iv.     Pidugu, Srikanth
          5. v.     Tebbetts, George
          6. vi.     Tschumi, Pete
        7. Information Science and Information Technology
          1. i.     Bruhn, Russel
          2. ii.     Dagtas, Serhan
          3. iii.     Jennings, Steve
          4. iv.     Lowry, Catherine
          5. v.     Pierce, Liz
          6. vi.     Tudoreanu, Edi
          7. vii.     Wallace, Thomas
          8. viii.     Wigand, Rolf
        8. Staff Representatives
          1. i.     Kelley Bass
        9. Systems Engineering
          1. i.     Al-Rizzo, Hussain
          2. ii.     Babiceanu, Radu
          3. iii.     Chan, Yupo
          4. iv.     Huang, Guoliang
          5. v.     Iqbal, Kamran
          6. vi.     Lai, Lifeng
          7. vii.     Liu, Xian
          8. viii.     Mohan, Seshadri
          9. ix.     Xi, JingXiang