May 8, 2012 Assembly Minutes

EIT Faculty Assembly Meeting

Tuesday, May 8, 2012
8:30 – 9:30 am Breakfast
9:30 am – 11:00 am Meeting
EIT Auditorium

Meeting Minutes

1. Gary Anderson, EIT Assembly President, opened the meeting with welcoming remarks.

  • Liz Pierce, EIT Assembly Secretary, reminded faculty to participate in the online EIT Instructional Technology Survey.

2. The Assembly approved the August 17, 2011 Assembly Meeting Minutes upon a motion made by Pete Tschumi, EIT Assembly Parliamentarian.

3. Pete Tschumi led the Faculty Assembly in electing next year’s EIT Officers and Representatives

  • President: Gary Anderson was elected as President.
  • Vice President: Amin Akhnoukh was elected as Vice-President
  • Secretary: Haiyan Xie was elected as Secretary.
  • Parliamentarian: Pete Tschumi was elected as Parliamentarian.
  • Committee on Committees: Nick Jovanovic was elected to serve on the UALR Committee on Committees.
  • Graduate Council: Radu Babiceanu was elected to serve on the UALR Graduate Council.
  • Committee on Tenure: Steve Menhart was elected to serve on the UALR Committee on Tenure.
  • Undergraduate Council: Nick Jovanovic was elected to serve on the UALR Undergraduate Council.
  • Faculty Senate: Andrew Wright, Pete Tschumi, and Chia-Chu Chiang were elected to serve on the UALR Faculty Senate.
  • Appeals Council: Edi Tudoreanu was elected to serve on the UALR Appeals Council.

4. Dr. Sandgren, Dean of the EIT College, addressed the faculty. He discussed faculty and student achievements, the current budget status, and opportunities and challenges that the College and its faculty will need to address.

5. Any New Business?

  • Pete Tschumi led the faculty discussion regarding the proposed changes to the EIT Constitution.  Due to a lack of quorum, the motion to approved the revised EIT Constitution was deferred to our next Faculty Assembly meeting in August 2012.
  • The Discussion of Instructional Load Reports was tabled due to time constraints until our next Faculty Assembly meeting in August 2012.

6. Gary Anderson adjourned the meeting shortly after 11:00 am.


Dean’s Office

  • Dana Ball
  • Kelley Bass
  • Abhjit Bhattacharyya
  • Eric Sandgren

Student Services

  • Katie Young
  • Vernard Henley

Computer Science

  • Remzi Seker
  • Chia-Chu Chiang
  • Mariofanna Milanova
  • Steven Minsker
  • Peiyi Tang
  • Kenji Yoshigoe
  • Shucheng Yu

Construction Management

  • Amin Akhnoukh
  • James Carr
  • Nicolas Jovanovic
  • Chris Ray
  • Haiyan Xie

Engineering Technology

  • George Tebbetts
  • Mamdouh Bakr
  • David Luneau
  • Hirak Patangia
  • Srikanth Pidugu
  • Pete Tschumi

Information Science

  • Elizabeth Pierce
  • Nitin Agarwal
  • Daniel Berleant
  • Russel Bruhn
  • Steve Jennings
  • James Menth
  • John Talburt
  • Mihail Tudoreanu
  • Rolf Wigand
  • Ninging Wu

Information Technology

  • Catherine Lowry
  • Thomas Wallace

Systems Engineering

  • Hussain Al-Rizzo
  • Gary Anderson
  • Radu Babiceanu
  • Yupo Chan
  • Guoliang Huang
  • Kamran Iqbal
  • Xian Liu
  • Rama Reddy
  • Andrew Wright
  • Cang Ye
  • Jing Zhang

MidSouth Bioinformatics

  • Roger Hall