Hybrid courses

Hybrid courses are taught both online and on-campus. You will need regular access to a computer with stable, broadband Internet connection, and have basic computer skills, such as emailing, word-processing, and navigating the Internet.

In addition to online work, hybrid courses may meet on campus regularly or occasionally, but not as often as a traditional version of the course would. Check your Blackboard shell for a schedule of on-campus meetings for your hybrid class. Information about class meetings might also be found in the class schedule, either in the Note area or under Meeting Time and/or Location. If you do not find this information posted in one of these places, please contact your Instructor.

Blackboard will be available to registered students on the first day of classes according to the academic calendar.

Visit UALR Blackboard Student Support for:

  • Tips on getting started with Blackboard at UALR
  • “How-to”s for various Blackboard features
  • Blackboard technical support options
  • Other student resources

Check your UALR Email regularly for official UALR messages and for details about participation in this course. Once the semester is underway, frequently check for postings in the course in Blackboard and/or emails. Please be sure that any email address to which you forward your UALR email remains current so that you are sure to receive important information!