Professors in the summer: let’s check in with Jeffrey Condran

Although professors may seem elusive deep in in the summer, you’ll most often find them in their natural habitat of research and creative activity, working on projects that can’t be accomplished during the busy academic year. Let’s find one in the wild to discover what they’ve been up to: today it’s Professor Jeff Condran.

Jeffrey Condran w_ Hat Sewanee 2017






As we announced earlier this year, Jeff Condran (pictured above in a snazzy hat) was selected as a Walter E. Dakin Fellow for the 2017 Sewanee Writers’ Conference (July 18-29). As a Dakin fellow, Jeff was in charge of providing instruction and criticism to a group of writers through intensive workshops. He also gave a reading from his own work.


Jeff Condran, wearing a blue shirt, reads aloud from a book.

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