English major

The English major offers the study of literature, language, and culture of the Anglophone world with an emphasis on British and American contexts.  Students master skills related to critical and creative thinking, communication, and research. Majors have the opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills in a number of contexts.  

 Requirements for English majors vary by student’s catalog year (year of entry to university). Below are the general areas covered by our requirements.

(Be sure to confirm your catalog year with your English advisor for accurate information on major, minor, and core requirements).

  • World Literature and Culture
    • ENGL 2337 World Literature or ENGL 2339 Mythology
  • Approaches to Literature (ENGL 3330) (3 hours)
    • Ideally, this course should be taken as early as possible in student’s major.
  • British Literature (6 hours) [this depends on student catalog year; consult advisor]
    • select 2 of British Literature 1, British Literature 2, or British Literature 3
  • Study of Language (3 hours)
    • History of the English Language (ENGL 3311) or
    • Grammar, Morphology and Syntax (ENGL 3312) or
    • Introduction to Linguistics (ENGL 3313)
    • *Secondary Education majors with catalogs before Fall 2018 must take both 3311 and 3312
  • American Literature (3 hours)
    • select 1 of ENGL 3321 American Literature I, ENGL 3322 American Literature II, ENGL 3323 American Literature III
  • Upper-level (3000-4000) English electives. No more than 6 of these hours can be independent study or internship.
  • Capstone Course
    • ENGL 4199 Career Perspectives (1 hour)

Second Language Study Requirement: Consult with advisor to discuss options at UA Little Rock, including placement testing.