UALR Students Compete in International Engineering Competition in Boston


UALR Students Compete in International Engineering Competition in Boston

Boston, Massachusetts. The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) held a Present Around the World (PATW) engineering competition on April 25th at University of Arkansas at Little Rock.  Fei Song, Yinle Zhou, and Haider Khaleel received the top awards in the local competition among a field of seventeen competitors.  Mr. Song and Ms. Zhou will compete in the 2011 Americas Regional Finals of the PATW in Boston, Massachusetts on September 10th.

Fei Song, from Beijing, China, won the local competition at UALR for his presentation Piezoelectrically Induced Guided Wave Propagation for Health Monitoring of Aircraft Honeycomb Composite Structures. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Control and his Master of Science degree in Solid Mechanics from the Beijing Institute of Technology in 2005 and 2007.  He is currently pursuing a Ph. D in Engineering Science at UALR.  His research interests include structural health monitoring of complex engineering structures, smart structures/NDE, wave propagation, and multi-scale continuum modeling of nanomaterials.  Mr. Song has received numerous awards including Outstanding Publication and Presentation Award in the Department of Applied Science at UALR in 2010 and Harambee Outstanding Graduate Student at UALR in 2008. Mr. Song is a student member of ASME, ASNT, ISHMII and IET.

Yinle Zhou’s presentation, Entity Identity Information Management in Entity Resolution Systems, received second place in the local competition.  Ms. Zhou is originally from Guizhou, China.  She earned her Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Nanjing University and her Master of Science degree in Information Quality at UALR.  She is currently pursuing her Ph. D in Integrated Computing at UALR and expects to complete her degree next spring.  Her research interests include entity resolution, entity identity information management, and information quality and she has authored many publications on these subjects.  Ms. Zhou has received a full scholarship for her master’s and doctorate degrees and she teaches three information quality and entity resolution courses at UALR.  She has received many awards including the Outstanding Research Award in Information Quality in the Donaghey College of Engineering and Information Technology at UALR and the Harambee Outstanding Graduate Student (GPA 4.0) at UALR.

Mr. Song and Ms. Zhou are among seventeen students and young professionals that will be traveling from all over North America and the Caribbean to present at the engineering competition in Boston.  Participants at the competition make a 10-minute presentation on a science or engineering topic.  They are judged 75% on their presentation and 25% on the technical content.  The winner of the Boston competition will receive $650 and will go to London in November to compete at the global final.  The PATW competition is a chance for students and young professionals from around the globe to showcase their academic prowess and their ability to communicate technical topics at a comprehensive level.

Since its inception in the United Kingdom in 1871, the Institution of Engineering and Technology has become a world-leading professional organization. The IET has more than 150,000 members in 127 countries and offices in Europe, North America, and Asia-Pacific.  Providing a global knowledge network to facilitate the exchange of ideas, the IET promotes the positive role of science, engineering, and technology in the world.

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