Antenna Lab

Headed by: Dr. Al-Rizzo

Located in: UALR campus, ETAS building, Room 307

The AntennaLab is a unique system designed to be used in two distinct ways; it can be used for teaching and demonstrating common antenna configurations at all levels of study, and as a design tool by those engaged in research and development.

The system operates in conjunction with a PC via a USB interface and is supported by Discovery Interactive Software and NECWIN simulation software. The equipment comprises two towers, one being a low power transmitter, controlled by a frequency synthesizer. The second contains a frequency synthesiser controlled receiver. The antenna to be investigated is mounted on top of the transmitter tower.


  • Unique integration of hardware and software
  • Simulates, models and tests real antennas
  • Hardware modelling between 1200 and 1800MHz
  • NEC-2 based simulations
  • PC measurement and results
  • Rapid graphic display of antenna characteristics
  • Bench-top operation
  • Low, safe power output
  • USB interface

Curriculum Coverage:

  • Familiarisation
  • The Diplole in free space
  • Effects of the surroundings
  • Dual sources
  • Gain, directivity and aperture
  • Ground reflections
  • The monopole
  • Phased monopoles
  • Resonance, impedance and standing waves
  • Return loss and VSWR measurements
  • Parasitic elements
  • Multi-element parasitic arrays
  • Stacked and bayed arrays
  • The log periodic antenna
  • The horn antenna
  • The dish antenna
  • Projects