ERIQ Director gives Entity Resolution Tutorial at MIT

Dr. John Talburt, Director of the ERIQ Research Center, gave a tutorial on Entity and Identity Resolution at the 4th Annual Information Quality Industry Symposium (IQIS 2010) held at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, July 14-16, 2010.  Interest in entity and identity resolution have been growing because they are key processes in the current movement to create information exchange hubs in health care, law enforcement, education, and the military.  In his talk, Dr. Talburt discussed the distinction between entity reference equivalence and entity reference matching, the false negative problem, and three basic ER models – Fellegi-Sunter, Stanford Entity Resolution Framework (SERF), and Algebraic.  He also announced that the ERIQ Research Center will launch an open-source entity resolution project called OYSTER to be available on Source Forge later this year.

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