Public Speaking for Professionals

This course focuses on developing and practicing Michael T. Motley’s Communication Orientation strategies to help manage public speaking anxiety, to intentionally organize information, and to co-create memorable messages by building meaningful, engaging audience connections.

Everyday Communications (Business)

This course encourages participants to reframe their thinking on daily communication practices (email, texting) by attending to what is being created in communication rather than simply the content of the information shared. Topics include effective writing, professionalism in interpersonal interactions, and leadership communication.

Managing Social Presence (Business)

This course helps to understand the ways in which social media influences important social domains like immersed reality.  Essentially, we understand the effect of our social media use and how it shapes the way we connect to each other and build relationships with others.


This course focuses on using Kim Scott’s Radical Candor approach to identify whether employees are rockstars or superstars, to co-create, through the power of effective questions, the professional development opportunities to best serve employee goals based on their career trajectory, and to enact radical candor as a mentorship foundation.

Negotiation Skills

Managers who can forge consensus in complex situations generate significant value for their organizations, their communities, and for themselves. In this course, participants will learn the fundamental aspects of negotiation analysis and social behavior, develop a deeper understanding of negotiation as a dynamic process in which the interests, and even values of the parties often evolve significantly, and sharpen their analytic and interpersonal skills in unstructured situations.


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