What we do at UA Little Rock

Teaching Excellence
Teaching is what we do and our faculty are the reason we do that well. Our broad range of academic offerings is due in large part to the diverse faculty. UA Little Rock values high-quality learning and as a result, the Academy of Teaching and Learning Excellence was created to help foster excellence in teaching.

Research Endeavors
We are rated a Doctoral/Research University by the Carnegie Institute. Our research programs are as diverse as our faculty. In addition to teaching in their respective discipline areas, many of our faculty members successfully compete for outside funding to conduct scientific research, create works of art, compose music, write books and articles, improve their performance in the classroom, and better serve their students, professions, and the public. The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs is here to help faculty accomplish this part of our mission.

Community Service
Our faculty also reach out to support the community. This outreach is not only a part of our mission, but it is also rooted in the vision that a metropolitan university is an integral part of its region, working with its community to shape their joint future. UA Little Rock is a metropolitan university and as such plays an important role in the community. Community, Careers and Extended Education (CCEE) promotes experiential and career learning to improve the lives of UA Little Rock students and the social, economic, and cultural capital of the community.