Student Affairs Committee

The principal functions of this committee are

  1. to review, interpret, recommend, and promulgate various non-academic policies, regulations, procedures, and the Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Behavior governing student life and student organizations;
  2. hear certain student organization or group cases referred to it by the dean of students (or designee); and
  3. have jurisdiction over appeals of an adverse decision of the dean of students (or designee), including but not limited to the criteria, nature, and conditions of student organization or group registration, maintaining active status, staging outdoor concerts, and breaches of University policies and regulations governing student organizations other than violations of the Code.

The committee reserves the right to cancel and impose sanctions against student organizations which fail to observe the understandings, policies, and regulations governing student organizations.

This committee is composed of three faculty members nominated by the Faculty Senate president and appointed by the chancellor and four students nominated by the Student Government Association and appointed by the chancellor; the dean of students and the director of the Donaghey Student Center (or designees) serve as ex officio members without vote. The committee elects its own chairperson. The faculty members serve two-year terms, and the student members serve one-year terms.




Faculty Nominees to Student Affairs Committee
Term ends AY19 Term ends AY18
 Vacant (faculty) Vacant (faculty)
 None Vacant (faculty)
Vacant (student) None
Vacant (student) None
Vacant (student) None
Vacant (student) None