AY 20-21 Completed Legislation

Approved Legislation

FS_2020_17 Amend faculty senate councils, standing and appointed committees’ composition to reflect new college organization

FS_2020_20 Prior Learning Assessment

FS_2020_21 Eliminate distinction between college and standard core

FS_2020_22 [COVID] Extend modifications to the admissions requirements for non-native English speaking students

FS_2020_23 Update English proficiency requirement

FS_2020_24 University and Distinguished Professor

FS_2020_25 Approve Fall 2020 graduates

FS_2020_26 Transfer admissions requirements

FS_2021_01 Self Plagiarism

FS_2021_02 [COVID] Student Evaluation of Teaching Towards Annual Review

FS_2021_03 Core Curriculum Grandfather Clause

FS_2021_04 AIGC Term of Service for Committee Members

FS_2021_05 First Time Freshman Admission Requirements

FS_2021_07 Syllabus Policy – Virtual Protocol

FS_2021_08 Approve Spring & Summer 2021 Graduates; 

FS_2021_10 Approve AY’25 Academic Calendar

FS_2021_12 Overall Unsatisfactory and Post-tenure Review

FS_2021_13 Academic Offenses

FS_2021_14 Degree Plan Policy

FS_2021_16 Free Hour Policy

FS_2021_17 Rescind Outstanding Referrals


Approved recommendations from Planning & Finance Committee on Faculty Workload Policy

Approved recommendation for changes to the Inclement Weather Policy as it pertains to instruction

Policy and Process Memoranda

FSM_2020_9 Extending the COVID-19 Attendance Requirement for Face to Face Classes

FSM_2021_01 Interpretation of First-time Freshman Admission Policy

Committee Reports and Recommendations

Student Evaluation Study – Faculty Development Committee (Spring 2021)

Faculty Excellent Awards – Honors and Awards Committee (Spring 2021)

Academic Technology and Computing Committee (Spring 2021)

Campus Improvement Recommendations – Building and Grounds Committee (Spring 2021)