Planning and Finance Committee


Appointed Members of the Planning and Finance Committee, AY18-19


Terms ending 2019

Terms ending 2020

College of Arts, Letters, and Sciences  Rosalie Cheatham (1st committee caller)  Stephanie Thibeault
College of Business  John Hendon Kyleen Prewett
College of Education and Health Professions  Amanda Nolen  Elizabeth Raleigh
College of Social Sciences and Communications  Mary Parker  Michael Craw
Donaghey College of Engineering and Information Technology  Beth McMillan  Vacant
Ottenheimer Library  None  Kristen Cooke
Bowen School of Law  Terrence Cain  George Mader
Students appointed by Student Government Association
Ex officio Members (all with vote)
Position Represented
Executive Committee of the Faculty Senate go here
Administrator Responsible for Budgeting and Planning TBD
Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration Steve McClellan
Vice Chancellor for University Advancement Christian O’Neal

It was suggested that the director of Governmental Relations (Joni Lee in AY 14-15) might be added to the committee.

Past Membership of Planning and Finance Committee