Environmental Health and Safety Advisory Committee

This committee is responsible for advising the chancellor in all matters relating to the health and safety of the University students, faculty, staff, and campus visitors. The committee prepares and main- tains an environmental health and safety plan for the UALR campus; meets periodically to monitor the health and safety conditions on the campus and makes recommendations as necessary to improve these conditions; assists in the preparation and presentation of health and safety training programs at UALR; reviews and makes recommendations concerning plans, projects, and other activities which could affect environmental health and safety; monitors UALR’s compliance with federal and state regulations on hazardous waste disposal; and co- ordinates environmental health and safety activi- ties on the UALR campus with appropriate local, state, and federal agencies.

Membership consists of five faculty members; three students; and, as ex officio with vote, the director of Health Services, the chair of the Radia- tion Safety Committee, and the director of the Physi- cal Plant.