Work Study Positions

Great opportunities are available to students who qualify for federal work study awards.

Check your BOSS account to verify if you have been offered federal work study. You must accept the offer to move forward in securing a job.

Federal work study positions are available throughout UA Little Rock. Students work in offices, departments, and almost all areas of the campus. Some students work in positions as tutors assisting children in math or reading family literacy activities.


Most positions pay minimum wage, or $11 per hour (tutors can earn a higher wage). You earn your federal work study award by working. For example, if you were offered and accepted a $1,800 federal work study award in the fall semester, you could work 15 hours per week during the 15 week semester to earn $8 per hour:
$11 hourly wage x 15 hours per week = $165 earned per week x 15 week semester = $2,475.

Students are paid as university employees. Students must report time worked on an official university time sheet record. Students are paid twice per month. Pay periods are always the 15th and 31st (or last day) of each month. Time sheets submitted documenting time worked on the 15th will be paid to the student on the 31st pay period.

Path to Success

Work experience is important to your career success! Create a professional resume, dress in business attire, and be on-time for your interview. This is your opportunity to not only earn money to help with your educational expenses, but also earn an important reference for future jobs! Work hard, always report to your job on time, and follow your supervisor’s directives.