Per diem reimbursement rates revised

Every October 1, the Federal Government changes the per diem amounts for meals and lodging. The state of Arkansas uses those amounts as a maximum to be reimbursed for meals and lodging and the FY 2014 per diem rates for lodging in Arkansas changed October 1. Under the new rates, the amount allowed in Pulaski County for a hotel room per night is $87, up from the FY 2013 rate of $86.

Any travel before October 1 is subject to the federal per diems for the federal fiscal year of 2013. Any travel after October 1 is subject to the federal per diem amounts for the federal fiscal year of 2014.

The confusion comes when a travel authorization is set up for October travel before the month of October and when the new per diem rates are unavailable. The result can be an adjustment on the travel reimbursement when it is audited by Financial Services.

Please check the Per Diem link on our travel website before completing your travel authorizations to verify these rates. Feel free to contact LaVonne Colwell at or 501.569.8700 for questions regarding travel authorizations. For questions regarding travel reimbursements, please contact Lanita Shepherd at or 501.569.8622.

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