New TimeClock Plus features activated

Two new TimeClock Plus features were recently activated that will assist employees in the accurate reporting of time and attendance.

Children’s Educational Activity Leave – Act 1028

The children’s Educational Activity Leave – Act 1028 is now tracked separately in TimeClock Plus. Please use the new leave code 1028 “Child Edu Act” when you take leave under Act 1028. The Leave Code 1010 “Authorized/Child Ed” has been renamed “Authorized Leave.”

The Children’s Educational Activity Leave – Act 1028 grants employees eight (8) hours of leave per year to attend educational activities or interscholastic activities of a child, as more fully detailed in Policy #402.69.

Non-Exempt (Classified) Employees 40 Hours Automation

Full time non-exempt (classified) employees’ recorded time must equal a minimum of 40 hours per work week (Mon. – Sun.), which includes any leave taken and/or holiday. In order to make this a more efficient process, each Monday at noon an automated process will run that will place a segment of leave on an employee’s time record if he or she does not have 40 hours recorded for the previous work week.

The segment will be identified as “Comp/Vacation Auto” and will deduct compensatory leave first (if available) and then annual leave from the employee’s leave balances. If leave balances are not available, pay may be docked. Supervisors may edit or remove this segment to make corrections for leave used or work time not reported, as long as the week is still open. Once the week is closed, employees must submit the Timesheet Adjustment Form to make corrections to their time record.

For more information on UA Little Rock’s work hours policy, please review the following:

If you have any questions or need help correcting your time, please contact the Payroll Office at 501-916-3136 or

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