General Accounting FAQs

How do I obtain a new FOAPAL element?

Complete the appropriate form for the FOAPAL element you are requesting, such as FTMFUND for requesting a new fund code, or FTMACTV for requesting a new activity code. Complete Section A if you are requesting a new code, or Section B if you are requesting changes to an existing FOAPAL element. Have the form approved by the levels designated on the form and forward the form to the Office of Finance & Administration. After their approval, it will be forwarded to Financial Services to assign and establish the appropriate request.

How do I get security to Banner Finance?

Navigation training is required before security will be granted for any Banner module. In order to obtain Finance security, users must attend the Finance Inquiry Training session, given by Financial Services and Purchasing. After training, complete the Banner Authorization/Security Access Form, have it approved and forward it to Computing Services. They will verify that you have attended the appropriate training and grant inquiry security for Finance. That form is then forwarded to Financial Services to establish the fund and organization security.

If security to additional funds and organizations is needed after you have been granted initial access, you may send an e-mail message to Thierno Sako in Financial Services at to update your security.

How do I find out if a check has cleared the bank or not?

When determining if a check has cleared the bank, we need the following information: Whether it was a payroll check or a general fund check, the check number, the date the check was issued, who the check was cut to, and the amount of the check.

We normally have updated bank information by the 15th of each month. If the check cleared in a previous month, we can produce a front and back copy of the cleared check immediately. If the check cleared within the current month, we will have to request a copy of the cleared check from the bank, which usually takes a week to receive.

If for some reason a check has not cleared and you need to have a replacement check cut, then immediately after confirming that the original check has not yet cleared the bank contact the Payroll office regarding a payroll check or Accounts Payable regarding a general fund check. They will authorize a “stop-payment” on the original check first, and then issue a replacement check.

How do I know the difference between the four types of transfers?

There are four basic types of transfers: budget transfers, funds transfers, expense transfers, and internal income transfers. The Budget Office is generally responsible for budget transfers and Financial Services is generally responsible for the remaining three types of transfers. However, ORSP is responsible for any transfer occurring on a restricted fund (grant or contract).

Funds Transfer:
a. Transfer of money between different fund codes.
b. Transfer usually before item or project is committed.
c. Account codes must be transfer codes. Use “81%” for transfers in and “82%” for transfers out.
d. Program code must also be a transfer code , usually “900000”.
e. Complete a Request for Funds Transfer (FIN001) form.

Expense Transfer:
a. Expense has occurred and been paid for.
b. Fund and organization codes may be different.
c. Account code for both the top and bottom sections should be the same expense account, those starting with a “7”.
d. Complete a Request for Funds Transfer (FIN001) form.

Internal Income:
a. Used when one organization has rendered a service for another organization.
b. Fund and organization codes may be different.
c. Account codes should be an expense account on top and an internal income account (562100) with the appropriate program code, usually “150000” on the bottom.
d. Complete form Request for Funds Transfer (FIN001) form.

How do I know how much budget I have available?

Use Banner form FGIBDSR and enter the fund and organization code. Be sure and uncheck the “Include Revenue Accounts” box on the upper-left hand side to get an accurate available balance. You may also enter account type “70” in the header if you want to get the available balance only for your maintenance budget. Your available budget balance will be the amount in the bottom right-hand side of the form in the Net Total line.

You can also look on FGIBAVL for your budget availability. The balance shown on this form at times will be different due to any documents that have not yet posted.

How do I know if a back charge has been posted?

Use form FGIBDSR or FGIBDST. Enter the fund and organization code that you want to view. Charges will be posted to expenditure accounts, those starting with a “7”. Click on the account code you want more detail for under the YTD Activity column. Then click on Transaction Detail Information in the top left-hand side of the form. All document codes for back charges begin with a dollar sign “$”. If you want more information, you can scroll over to see the description used to indicate what type of back charge it is.

If you want to see the ticket number used by the back charging department, you can select the transaction you want to examine, and click on Query Document in the top left-hand corner. The ticket number will be displayed in the Document Reference field. This should coincide with the reference number issued by the charging department.

How do I dispose of an asset?

According to Arkansas state law, all state property must be disposed of through marketing and redistribution. To have items removed, fill out the Marketing and Redistribution Form. Then send the form to the property accountant who will verify the property and approve the reassignment. The property accountant will then forward the form to the Facilities Management in order for them to collect the equipment. The pickup of property and delivery to the Facilities Management warehouse is not acceptable unless signed by both the organization head and the property accountant.

How do I transfer property to another department?

Any transfers of property to another UA Little Rock organization, building, or on-campus facility must be processed by Property Accounting. When property is reassigned to another on-campus location or to another UA Little Rock organization, an On-Campus Property Reassignment Form must be completed. BOTH the transferring and receiving organization must sign the form before it can be processed. Upon receipt of the signed and dated form, Property Accounting will update each organization’s inventory records. Any transfer to another state agency must be approved in advance by the Department of Finance & Administration. Before transferring the property, contact Property Accounting at 501.569.8630 regarding the appropriate procedures for these types of transfers or reassignments.

How do I conduct the annual inventory process?

To conduct the annual physical inventory process, you should retrieve your inventory report from e-Print and physically locate each item on your inventory report. Verify the information provided, including description, location, serial number, and custodian. If you note discrepancies on any of the items mentioned above, you should mark them directly on the Property Report. Use the Banner Fixed Assets forms to make any other adjustments to your inventory.

For further instructions on how to retrieve your e-Print report or how to complete the inventory report, you may review the Annual Procedures Memo distributed this year which includes step-by-step instructions.

How do I look up information on an asset in Banner?

Log on to Banner, type in form FFIMAST and press ENTER. You will see “Asset Tag” and a box with a flashing cursor. In the box, type the tag number with an “N” and leading zeroes before the actual printed tag number.

Example: If you are looking for information on tag # 000100100, type “N00100100″ in the Asset Tag box and click “Next Block”. If you are looking for information on tag # 50100, type “N00050100″ in the Asset Tag box and click “Next Block”.

You may navigate through the form using “Next Block” to find information on the asset such as the description, acquisition date, serial number, department, location, and custodian of that equipment. You may contact Property Accounting if you find any information that you feel is incorrect or that needs to be updated.

What is the AASIS vendor number for the University of Arkansas at Little Rock?

The AASIS vendor number for UA Little Rock used by other state agencies is 9901450040.