Web Time Entry FAQ

Q. What is Time Entry?

A. Time Entry is an electronic leave reporting system that allows classified and non-classified employees to record their hours used in a pay period.

Q. What is the normal work week for UALR?

A. Monday through Sunday

Q. Who will use the online leave reporting system?

A. Classified and non-classified employees

Q. When will the leave hours reported by employees be deducted from an employee’s leave balance?

A. Once the employee’s leave report has been completed and approved by the appropriate supervisor, the employee’s leave balance will automatically be updated.

Q. What do I need to do if I forgot to report my leave usage for a pay period by the deadline?

A. You will need to complete the Leave Adjustment Form and submit it to the Payroll Office.

Q. How does an employee complete their final leave report?

A. An employee must submit the final leave report electronically, before the payroll is processed. If it is after the payroll process, then a paper Leave Adjustment Form must be submitted.

Q. What do I need to do if I approved the wrong leave usage for my employee?

A. You will need to complete the Leave Adjustment Form and submit it to the Payroll Office.

Q. As an approver, am I required to have a proxy?

A.Yes, all approvers must have a proxy that can appropriately approve in their absence.

Q. Why is my approved leave report showing hours under a suspense account?

A. The suspense account allows the Payroll Office to track hours that an employee uses in excess of their available leave balance. If an employee shows hours in this account, their paycheck will be adjusted for those hours on the next available payroll.

Q. Why does a warning message appear every time I submit authorized leave?

A. When an employee uses authorized leave, the balance becomes negative which triggers a warning message.

Q. Who do I contact if I have additional questions?

A. Please contact the Payroll Office at 501.569.3136 or send an email to payrollwebtime@ualr.edu.