Trojan SOAR Learning Communities

The PEAW 1300 First Year Experience course is also offered as a learning community experience!

The Trojan SOAR Learning Community (LC) will ease your transition to college as you enjoy all that UA Little Rock has to offer. While participating in the SOAR LC, you will be equipped with the skills to succeed in college. A Learning Community is a small cohort or group of students who share common academic goals, attitudes, and work collaboratively in the classroom with one or more professors. You will take a First Year Experience class and a Composition I class with the same classmates. These two courses will count toward any major and will have coordinated assignments to help ease the transition to college academics.

Trojan SOAR LC Benefits:

  • Eases students’ transition to college.
  • Equips students with the skills to succeed in college.
  • Students develop friendships and become more engaged in campus community.
  • Students have access to more help with difficult assignments.
  • Students engage in study groups, fun campus activities, and attend off-campus events.

The Big Take-A-Way

Trojan SOAR LC students tend to have higher grades and more satisfaction with the general college
experience because of the increased participation, experiences, and network of support by just being a
part of the learning community!

Mandatory LC Courses

All Trojan SOAR LC students are required to remain in the learning community for two semesters.


  • PEAW 1300 First Year Experience
  • RHET 0321 Academic Literacy


  • PEAW 1190 Career Planning/Life Options
  • RHET 1311 Composition