TSLC Mentor Program

Trojan Soar Learning Community (TSLC) Mentors serve as role models and constant sources of support for TSLC mentees. They also assist in the coordination of all TSLC Community Builder activities.

Meet Our TSLC Mentors

Najla Abasi headshot
Najla Abasi
Biology major

Born and raised in California, I moved to Arkansas about a year ago. I am a first-generation college student who is currently a sophomore majoring in Biology and plan to graduate in 2025. As a TSLC Mentor, I bring to students a positive attitude to remind students that their ambitions will all be worth it in the end. Put sentiments aside and accomplish what has to be done while remaining focused on your goal.

Jasmine Clark headshot
Jasmine Clark
Biology major

When it comes to the success of others, I have a unique motivation to guide those who are uncertain of what their future may hold. College comes with many obstacles that everyone will eventually encounter. Therefore, as TSLC Mentor, I will encourage you to not only overcome your obstacles but help you to find your purpose.


Titus Hogan headshot

Titus Hogan
History major, Secondary Education minor

When I graduate in 2025, I plan to be a high school history teacher. What I can bring to students is encouragement in a non-judgemental environment. College is a stressful time in life and sometimes students just need to be encouraged to keep their head up without the judgment of someone who will tell them they are making the wrong decisions about their major or grades. I am a very understanding person and try to just give people some encouragement to hold on to to keep them going.

Cameron Jackson headshot

Cameron Jackson
Cybersecurity major

I have the ability to challenge students without saying a word to them. I will do everything in my power to help them succeed and understand that I genuinely care about them and their success here at UA Little Rock. This success will be achieved by giving students a sense of comfort and trust. Students deserve me because I have been in their shoes before but luckily for me, I had my athletic team to fall back on. I had my team to help me up when I fell and to keep me encouraged…I owe a few of my successes to my team. As a TSLC Mentor, I have the chance to create a team atmosphere with my mentees.

Brianna Jones headshot
Brianna Jones
Chemistry Pre-Med major

I am currently working towards a Chemistry Pre-Med major. As a full time active student, I will be a great inspiration to students. I have been where most students are or will reach within their college life. I know exactly what it is like being an incoming freshman who has no guidance or may be afraid to venture out. I feel that As a TSLC Mentor, my mentees will connect with me really well since I have been in their position and I will be versatile when speaking with my mentees. I am trained to help each and everyone with accountability skills, time management and organizational skills. I believe everyone needs that guided light when entering such a different environment.

Jillian Langley headshot
Jillian Langley
Biology Pre-Med major

Something I can do to guide students on their self, major, and career exploration journey so that they are confirmed in these areas is to be understanding and helpful. Coming out of high school I had no idea what I wanted to do. Taking PEAW made me go through three different career options that I thought I wanted but after doing some research on them for the class it turned out it wasn’t for me. I know that choosing a major can be stressful and sometimes confusing and I am here to motivate and help people find out what they want to do. I also encourage people to get out and socialize. Having friends to study with and hangout with truly increases school performance. As TSLC Mentor, I bring a uniqueness of being a first generation college student and I know how stressful applying for classes and financial aid can be. I have been through all of it and I am here to help anyone in need.