1098T (Request for Duplicate)1098T (Request for Duplicate)
Activity Code Maintenance Activity Code Maintenance
Affirmative Action Review
Applicant Summary Sheet (OPM 081)
Application for Employment
Authorization for Vendor Direct DepositAuthorization for Vendor Direct Deposit
Authorization to Receive and Deposit Cash on Behalf of the UniversityAuthorization to Receive and Deposit Cash on Behalf of the University
Banner access requestRequest authorization for Banner access
Bidder's ApplicationBidder's Application
Blanket Purchase Order ReleaseBlanket Purchase Order Release
BOSS time-out exception requestRequest an exception to the BOSS session time-out
Bulk Mail RequisitionBulk Mail Requisition
Catering Waiver Request
Certificate of DestructionCertificate of Destruction
Class Trip AuthorizationClass Trip Authorization
Commodity or Service Bidder's ApplicationCommodity or Service Bidder's Application
Computer Equipment Procurement Request (CEPR)
Concurrent Employment (OPM 025)
Construction Bidder's ApplicationConstruction Bidder's Application
Contract and Grant Disclosure and Certification FormContract and Grant Disclosure and Certification Form
CTS Card AgreementCTS Card Agreement
CTS Card ApplicationCTS Card Application
CTS Card Reviewer Setup ApplicationCTS Card Reviewer Setup Application
CTS Card Transaction LogCTS Card Transaction Log
Deferred PaymentDeferred Payment
Delta Dental Claim
Demographic ResponseThis form is used to collect statistical information on applicants to UALR positions. Completion of this form is voluntary.
Departmental DepositDepartmental Deposit
Detail Code RequestDetail Code Request
Direct Deposit for PayrollDirect Deposit for Payroll
Direct Deposit for ReimbursementDirect Deposit for Reimbursement
Direct Pay (Multi-Payee)Direct Pay (Multi-Payee)
Direct Pay (Single Payee)Direct Pay (Single-Payee)
Driver Authorization for State VehiclesState Vehicle Driver Authorization
Employee's Withholding Exemption Certificate (AR4EC)Employee's Withholding Exemption Certificate
Exceptionally Well Qualified Special Entry Rate (OPM 080)
Expense/Internal Income Transfer RequestExpense/Internal Income Transfer Request
Facilities Use AgreementFacilities Use Agreement
Faculty Development Tuition and Fee WaiverFaculty Development Tuition and Fee Waiver (Change name in index)
Faculty Information
Fund Code MaintenanceFund Code Maintenance
Gifts in KindGifts in Kind
Graduate Application
Group Benefits Change
Hard Drive Deconstruction Certification
Investment Election
Labor Market Rate (OPM 085)
Late Adoption of Textbook and/or Course Materials
Leave AdjustmentLeave Adjustment
Location Bar Code RequestLocation Bar Code Request
Lost or Stolen PropertyLost or Stolen Property
M&R (Marketing and Redistribution)M & R (Marketing and Redistribution)
Mailing lists
Manual Check Request ProcedureManual Check Request Procedure
Missing Document AffidavitMissing Document Affidavit
Motor Vehicle Accident ReportMotor Vehicle Accident Report
Movement of Current Employees (OPM 095)
Name / Address Change
Network and system access requestCreate new or change existing network/system accounts
New employee documentation and forms
Organization Code MaintenanceOrganization Code Maintenance
Outgoing ShipmentOutgoing Shipments
P-Card Employee AgreementP-Card Employee Agreement
P-Card Reviewer SetupP-Card Reviewer Setup
P-Card Transaction LogP-Card Transaction Log
PCS Contract - Form OSP-1PCS Contract - Form OSP-1
PCS Contract Amendment - Form OSP-1APCS Contract Amendment - Form OSP-1A
Personnel Data Sheet
Personnel Requisition
Position Classification Questionnaire with Instructions
Position Number/Reclassification Form (PNRF)
Private Scholarships Student Supplemental Information
Probational Evaluation
Program Review Schedule by CollegeInstructions
Program Review Schedule by YearInstructions
Property Reassignment (off-campus)Property Reassignment (off-campus)
Property Reassignment (on-campus)Property Reassignment (on-campus)
Provisional Position Request (OPM 009)
Purchase Order ReleaseBlanket Purchase Order Release
Purchase RequisitionPurchase Requisition
Rate Sheet for 12 Months Contract
Rate Sheet for 9 Months Contract
Reimbursement Claim FormReimbursement Claim Form
Request for Authorization of Travel Expenses (TA)Request for Authorization of Travel Expenses (TA)
Request for Funds TransferRequest for Funds Transfer
Request for Refund/Adjustment of AccountRequest for Refund/Adjustment of Account
Request for Reissue of Missing Accounts Payable CheckRequest for Reissue of Missing Accounts Payable Check
Salary Reduction / Deduction Agreement
Shipping Information FormShipping Information Form
Special Meeting FormSpecial Meeting Form
Stipend Classification WorksheetStipend Classification Worksheet
Termination of Salary Reduction / Deduction
Timesheet AdjustmentTimesheet Adjustment
Transcript Request
Travel-related Forms and InformationTravel-related forms and information
Tuition Discount
Unlisted PropertyUnlisted Property
W-4 Tax FormW-4 Tax Form
W-9 FormW-9 Form
Web Time Entry Supervisor or Timesheet ORG ChangeWeb Time Entry Supervisor or Timesheet ORG Change
Website Request
Work Order Control