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What Teachers Should Know and Be Able to Do

National Board Certification Powerpoint

Arkansas Department of Education (ADE) webpage for National Board Teacher Certification

  • Substitute Reimbursement form (this is a PDF form located in the right menu)
  • ADE Funding Application
  • School free/reduced lunch status
  • Register for the UA Little Rock Support Site (beginning August)
  • Register for Arkansas state bonus (after you achieve certification)

New Arkansas National Board Certification Law and Rules (January, 2018)      NBCT_New_Law_and_Rules_Finai_3_14_18


National Board Certification website.

Visit the National Board website to get started on your National Board Certification Journey!

It is not necessary to register as a Candidate in order to access the certification materials and directions.  All materials can be accessed online and downloaded for free.

Registering as a candidate costs $75.00.  Register only if you are absolutely going to submit materials in the spring, during the submission window.

Registering with National Board means you now have an ID eight-digit number, and you can select components for purchase.  Selecting a component means you will be submitting the Component materials during the submission window (typically mid-May) for evaluation.

If ADE is funding your candidacy, you need to select all four components for purchase.  This puts the components in your “basket.”  Pay only the $75 candidate registration fee.  Be sure to mark “YES” to all questions regarding “third party” notification.  This allows ADE to pay for your components.  ADE will pay the remainder of your balance in February.

Writing Resources We Love!

Describing Words

Descriptive Writing Compared

Possible ways to begin analysis phrases

Possible ways to begin reflection phrases

Sentence Starters

Verb Reference List for Summaries